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Once you’ve downloaded the MitchMarket App it couldn’t be easier. Simply use your phone to search, book and pick-up from your chosen Dealership. Enjoy you’re your next big adventure with peace of mind, your renting from a full-service accredited Equipment Dealership.

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Real equipment to rent from Real Accredited Dealership Businesses. Have peace of mind that you will get the advice, the support and quality service to get the most out of your rental.

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MitchCap is the leading equipment distribution ecosystem connecting OEMs, Dealerships and You.

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Our Dealerships don’t just rent equipment on MitchMarket. Combined they sell over $3B+ as Authorised Brand Dealerships. You know your searching quality rental equipment from the worlds best brands. Want to see more? See Live Dealership Equipment for sale on

Frequently asked questions

Still unsure or have more questions? Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly business managers to get you going.

Are there any membership costs or costs to set up a profile?

Definitely not! Please feel free to browse your favourite Dealerships rental stock free of charge!

Who am I renting from?

You are renting from the Dealership, MitchMarket are just the connecting force between the Dealership and you, facilitating the match made in heaven between you and your ideal rental vehicle.

How do I make a booking?

Search for “MitchMarket” in your App Store and Register for an account. Once approved, you are all set up to start making bookings. Simply search for your preferred Vehicle from a Dealership near you and follow the prompts!

How long does it take to confirm my booking?

Your booking will be automatically confirmed. The Dealership will follow up with a call to confirm your booking within 48 Business Hours of Booking

How do I speak to the Dealership?

The Dealerships contact information will be available on the bottom of any Booking Confirmation emails you receive.

Can I Book a Rental one way?

Please contact your Dealership of choice to discuss One Way Rental options

Can I make a Rental Booking Long Term?

You can make a booking from 1 Day to a Maximum of 4 Months!

How do I edit my booking?

Simply go to the MitchMarket Rental App, Upcoming Bookings and Change Times. This will then show you the updated booking cost.

How can I cancel my booking?

We can’t always help what happens in life and sometimes plans change. You can cancel your booking up to 42 Days (6 Weeks) in Advance with no consequence. Once payment is made, for more information, please see below for the Cancellations and Refunds Policy.

Can I pick up my van early or return late?

Please contact your Dealership to organise pick ups and returns outside of the hours booked.

Can I postpone instead of cancel?

If not paid in full it is very easy, simply amend your booking via the MitchMarket App. If you have already paid in full, please see the Cancellations & Refunds Policy. 

Can I transfer the booking into another name?

Yes! Although not through the MitchMarket App. Please contact your Dealership.

This is my first time renting, anything I should know?

Our Authorised Dealers are experts in their rental equipment. They will be happy to provide you with all the information you require and answer any questions you may have!

Is there a Holding Deposit required to secure the booking?

No deposits are taken to secure your booking, however all rentals are required to be paid up to 6 Weeks prior to commencement of the booking.

How do I Pay?

When you sign up to the MitchMarket App you will be prompted to set up a payment method. This is the Card that will be debited for your booking.

Does the Dealership hold a security bond?

Each Dealership has their own policy on Security Bonds, please contact your Dealership prior to commencement of your Rental to find out more.

Can I take my rental on a toll road?

Of course you can! You are however responsible for any and all tolls that are incurred in the Rental period

Can I change my payment details for final payment?

Yes you can – in the MitchMarket App simply go to My Account and amend your Payment Method

Does sending a booking request require instant payment?

Payments are made in full up to 6 Weeks prior to the commencement of the booking. Please keep an eye out for the email confirming the Charge Time. 

What if the Dealership wants me to make a booking offline?

MitchMarket does not support Rental bookings being made offline. We have MitchMarket set up to be a secure and regulated gateway to facilitate rental transactions, once taken offline there is no guarantee in your privacy, insurance and roadside assistance. 

How long does it take to process a refund?

Refunds, in accordance with the Cancellations & Refunds Policy, can take 5 Business Days to process. 

Can I take the vehicle off road or on the beach?

Unfortunately not, best keep it on the hard stuff!

How old do I need to be?

You and any Authorised Driver must be at least:

– 25 for Caravans & Campervans, or

– 21 for Motorcycle/ATV Hire, and not over 75 years of age.

Do I require a Full Licence?


Can I Drive with an International Licence?

Yes, you must provide your international licence with a valid International Driving Permit or an approved translation into English if the licence is not issued in English.

Can I add an additional Driver?

Yes, you can nominate ONE additional Authorised Driver.

Do I need a Brake Controller?

Under the Australian Design Rules (ADR), any trailer over 750kgs is required to be fitted with brakes and anything over 2000kgs must be fitted with electric brakes. If you are renting a trailer with electric brakes you are required to have a Brake Controller. Your Dealership is an expert in all things Caravans & Trailers – please contact your Dealership for more information.

Are the Vehicles covered by Insurance?

Absolutely! All Dealerships MUST have a valid insurance policy that cover the vehicles while out on rental.

Are the units available for rental covered by Roadside Assistance?

Yes! All Dealerships must have 24/7 Roadside Assistance that covers the rental period to ensure you’re not stranded on the roads.

Are the units GPS tracked?

All units are provided with GPS trackers for your safety. Any removal or tampering with the GPS is considered a Breach of the rental contract.

What if I break down?

In the event of a breakdown, please:

  1. Contact the Roadside Assistance company provided for your booking
  2. Call the Dealership and advise of the situation. They will work together with you in deciding where the vehicle will be towed to if required. 

What if damage occurs while on rent?

Unfortunately things happen! If there is damage to a vehicle you are responsible for, you will be required to pay the Excess as noted in your rental agreement per incident assuming there are no breaches in your rental contract.

What do I need to do if damage occurs?

Take photos of the vehicle and call the Dealership as soon as possible to work through the situation together. 

What if I am in an accident?

  1. Call Emergency services immediately on ‘000’
  2. Call the Dealership and advise of the situation. They will work together with you in deciding where the vehicle will be towed to if required. 
  3. If there are third parties involved in the accident, take down their details including their name, phone number, address, picture of drivers licence, registration, make & model.
  4. Diarise the date, time and location of the accident and take down any Emergency services report numbers.

What if the damage is not my fault?

When you rent a vehicle, you are responsible for any damage while it is in your care. If the damage is the fault of a third party, please ensure you take down their contact details, a photo of their driver’s licence and any photos of the damage/accident.

What is my excess as the hirer?

Excess is between $5,000 – $7,500 (Caravans & Campervans) for each claim, unless you are not at fault and the other party is insured and their insurance company accepts liability.

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